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Aquabyte applies computer vision and machine learning algorithms to aquaculture fish farms, primarily focusing on salmon farms in Norway. We develop tools for biomass estimation, sea lice counting, and optimal feeding that help fish farmers better manage their day-to-day operations. Our goal is to make fish farming more efficient, sustainable, and profitable. We have offices in San Francisco, CA and Bergen, Norway.

Dendra Systems 


Dendra Systems was created to enable global scale ecosystem restoration.


Global scale, because the problem is enormous. Every year six billion trees are lost. For the one billion people that live in forest communities around the world, this is not just a loss of trees. This is a loss of healthy eco-systems, biodiversity, raw materials, food, and jobs. Globally, this affects the supply chain for every-day products we all need and is a major contributor to climate change. Governments have recognized this, and commitments have been made to restore more than 350 million hectares of degraded land by 2030. This is an area the size of India and equates to about 300 billion trees. Achieving these reforestation targets with current methods will be difficult. They need new solutions.


Dendra Systems leverages data analytics and robotics to provide automated drone planting services to restoration project managers and landholders. These data enabled systems help to scale up restoration activities, and reduce cost. With 50 teams, Dendra Systems plans to restore over 500,000 hectares a year within 5 years.

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Fenik creates low-cost refrigerators that run on water. Because the company's core technology requires no electricity to operate, it is ideal for low-income, off-grid consumers that face issues with food spoilage. Using a light-weight synthetic fabric, Fenik harnesses the phenomenon of evaporative cooling to preserve fruits and vegetables stored inside. Evaporative cooling has been employed successfully for centuries in products like the Zeer Pot or Coolgardie safe. Proven to be effective for cooling at the point of production, these products have been shown to triple or quadruple the shelf-life of most perishables.


Now, this ancient technology has been upgraded for modern and commercial use, creating a scalable clean energy refrigeration solution and enabling off-grid families to enjoy healthier, long-lasting food. Fenik has been testing their prototype units with beneficiaries in Morocco for the last 2 years and will soon conduct a full field-trial for approximately 1,500 beneficiaries to showcase their finalized mass-production unit. After this trial, the company expects to launch officially and begin selling units worldwide.


Farmbot is an Australian AgTech company that puts the farmer first with simple to install and use, high impact sensors. Their initial products, satellite and 3G connected monitors measure and analyse water use and consumption in stock tanks, dams, turkeys nests and irrigation channels. Farmbot monitors are specifically designed to be self-installed and operational within 10 minutes of receiving the monitors and are considered to be the most cost competitive remote monitoring solution in Australia. Farmers access the real-time information through their PC or mobile phone 24x7 ensuring visibility of water level issues before they become significant and helping them better understand water usage. Farmbot brings simple and effective solutions to a space that can often be unnecessarily complicated.


James Walker, General Manager - North, Ceres Agricultural Company, describes Farmbot monitors as “a product we now find essential to our day-to-day operations. The ability to look at and collate water usage and available water at the source is an invaluable tool for managing our operations...without the risk of an animal health issue the next day”.

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Hydroleap, are making wastewater treatment, cheap, environmental-friendly and easy. This is achieved by replacing expensive chemical treatment with a smart electrical treatment.


Hydroleap has developed a cutting-edge water treatment technology that works the best on high suspended solid, COD and turbid wastewater. It is well designed for wastewater from construction, food and beverage, oil & gas, tannery, mining and semiconductor industries. It is an automated modular system that does not need any chemicals to perform! It can be scaled economically with ease to meet the needs.  The technology works based on electrochemical principles where low powered electricity is applied to activate the aqueous solution and form coagulant reagents to attract contaminants.


This technology can replace the expensive and non-sophisticated process of chemical pre-treatment all around the world and be a right process prior to membrane/filtration stage.


Hydroleap has received substantial attention from customers as well as investors.

James Tyler

James Tyler has built an ‘Australian farm to Chinese table’ platform that is able to deliver fresh Australian produce to over 90 cities around China. This platform is built upon a first-class cold chain logistics system that can handle a range of products, including fresh dairy, seafood, fruit, meat and premium wine.


By tapping into Chinese social media networks, James Tyler is able to work with Australian brand owners and primary producers to promote and sell their products directly to Chinese consumers. To date over 140,000 parcels have been delivered to consumers’ homes in China. By partnering with James Tyler, brand owners are given a direct line of sight to the end consumer, which provides them with the ability to build Chinese consumer profiles that are simply not possible through traditional distribution models.


ripe.io is an agrifood tech company altering the trajectory of the food system through blockchain technology and IoT. By designing a radically transparent digital food supply chain, ripe.io harnesses quality food data to create the blockchain of food - an unprecedented food quality network that maps the food journey to answer what’s in our food, where it comes from, and what has happened to it.

Secure Impact


Secure Impact is a place to buy, sell, lease, sharefarm rural property.


Australian farmers have little to no liquidity, high-value assets and no access to external capital markets. We are a new platform that will overcome these issues. Our technology will provide opportunities for Australian farmers and investors to seek accurate data, business characteristics, market access, sector profitability and productivity rates.


The Secure Impact marketplace will provide Australian farmers and investors with a real-time transparent buy/sell trading platform and enabling technology to exchange land assets, agribusiness assets, livestock, water, carbon, cotton, grains and oilseeds. Secure Impact is a new system for the property transaction, allowing for title transparency, instant property transfer capability and co-equity ownership of assets.