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InnerPlant is the world's first biosensor platform enabling early detection of pathogens and nutrient deficiencies directly from plants in the field. Our plants are living sensors.


We are targeting the $1 Trillion U.S. crop agriculture value chain which loses billions annually to lack of early granular data. InnerPlant's patented biosensor plants and proprietary electronics enable farmers to receive actionable crop insights weeks earlier than external sensors. Our mission is to use computational biology to drive efficiencies and create tangible value from seed to finished goods. InnerPlant's platform is low cost, efficient, and can be modified to fit different crops.  

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Moisture Planting Technologies


Moisture Planting Technologies are building a range of tech-enabled, smart farm equipment for large scale farming operations.

Their first product is a tech-enabled seeder, that can monitor the soil conditions in real time while seeding, and self adjust  seeding depth, and seeding rate live,  based on the soil moisture profile. This can lead to up to a 10% yield increase.



Oaesis is bringing to the indoor farming industry an energy efficient laser-based lighting system. This system utilizes the ability to emit light at further distances than conventional lighting, reducing energy consumption by providing more light per diode, and isolating equipment heat, reducing the need for climate control systems.


With Oaesis' laser-based lighting systems, customers can reduce their lighting energy costs up to 30% and up to 98% in heat emission.

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The Training Paddock


Agriculture employs more than 1.6m people nation-wide. Yet a skills shortage is crippling rural Australian Industries, and increasing numbers of people are leaving. The Training Paddock is a mobile, intelligent solution designed to record, train, track and support employees.


The unique solution builds trust and places transparency back into a broken system. it provides a solution by:
- Combining certified and on-the-job training to develop teams, show career progression
- Simple employer reviews to help with expanding referral networks and open up a wider pool of potential employees
- The technology provides access to a wider pool of better resources, who are more motivated and focused on life-long learning in their job. It helps to improve productivity, retention and hiring efficiency.



TrAIve takes a unique approach to agricultural lending. TrAIve uses Big Data to create a credit profile for farmers. They look beyond just credit scores and consider factors like agronomic performance, experience, and growth potential.


Traive facilitates loans to farmers offering innovative financial solutions and unique access to a marketplace serving farmers, suppliers, and lenders. The unique diversification models ensure protection for lenders and cost savings for farmers.

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SIPP is on a mission to change the way you think about coffee. They have developed a unique range of functional beverages including probiotic coconut coffee and coconut matcha tea. They are packaged in sustainable home compostable packaging and $1 from every pouch sold goes towards organisations dedicated to making our planet more sustainable.



Zetifi believe primary producers deserve the same access to technology as any other modern business. For a start, they need high speed connectivity, and not just to the farm office – they need fast and reliable connectivity around the sheds, yards, and the paddocks so they can access the internet and make and receive phone calls.


Zetifi are solving this problem by building the platform of choice for solar powered WiFi networks.