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AI Robotics Treating Every Plant

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Arugga is developing an autonomous robot for treating and monitoring individual plants in greenhouses.  Our mechanical pollination module aims to replace the work of dwindling labour forces in countries where pollination is done manually. And it will also replace the work of bumblebees, the most widely used pollination solution, thus solving sensitivity to environmental conditions and pesticides, and preventing the spread of viruses.

Our robotic platforms will eventually encompass additional solutions: pest & disease detection (and treatment), yield prediction and pruning.

At a time when fruit and vegetable growers around the world face enormous challenges in finding and retaining workers, we hope our robotic solutions will contribute to easing these challenges and making producers more competitive.

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Meet the Founders

Iddo Geltner   


Prior to co-founding Arugga, Iddo was VP of R&D at Dune Medical Devices, having joined the company as its third employee and led its R&D efforts for 14 years.  Iddo holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University, and a B.A. in Physics and Computer Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Eytan Heller  

Co-Founder & VP Business Development 

Eytan is Arugga’s VP Business Development & Co-founder. Prior to this, Eytan lead European sales & business development efforts at SolarEdge Technologies Inc. He is also the founder of Kimiyaa, a nonprofit organization supporting refugee integration through professional mentoring. Eytan holds a M.Sc. in Politics of the World Economy from the London School of Economics.

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