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Irrigation System



An autonomous AI solution for row-crops irrigation, fertigation and crop protection

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Autonomous Pivot (AP) has developed a solution for the pivot farming industry saving the farmer time, money while optimising yield.  AP have developed the world’s first on-pivot non-invasive mobile soil moisture sensor. It travels with the pivot and provides 300 measurements for the price of a single sensor optimal decision making, in addition to this AP have developed a 24/7 AI agronomic system that allows the farmer to run his crop under pivot production autonomously.


With outstanding trials completed in the US over the past 3 seasons, and with their first commercial year completed 2020, AP’s growth has exceeded expectations with 100% customer retention.  AP is seeking investors to help raise funds to roll out next year’s season in the US. 

Autonomous Pivot disrupts the row-crops growers’ market in three ways:

  • First, unique non-invasive soil-moisture and nitrogen sensors.

  • Second, comprehensive management of growers’ needs from planting till cropping, including:

    • Crop-protection alerts

    • Automatic fertilizer management

    • Automatic Irrigation management

  • Lastly, it offers full autonomy by controlling an irrigation pivot.

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Meet the Founders

Yossi Haran  

Head of Innovation

Yossi is an avid entrepreneur with numerous start-ups and patents under his belt.   Yossi is extremely excited about the disrupting AI and sensing technologies, enabling farmers to unlock true potential in yields and cost savings. Yossi holds a BSe in computer engineering.

Yuval Aviel  

Co-Founder & CEO

Yuval is a computer-vision practitioner, specialising in deep-learning.   Yuval holds a PhD in Neuroscience and worked in developing autonomous vehicles for Intel. Yuval strongly believes artificial intelligence will make the difference our farmers need today in farming our planet.

Yair Sharf   

Co-Founder & VP of R&D


Yair trained as an engineer and has worked with Microsoft and Intel and is a farmer at heart.   Together Yair and Yossi dreamed with a non-invasive sensor that could sample the field in hundreds of points. Yair holds a BSe in electrical engineering. 

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