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An integrated hardware and software platform that uses ground-based data and AI to track and analyse the spread of airborne diseases.

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The BioScout System is an integrated hardware and software platform that uses ground-based data and artificial intelligence to track and analyse the spread of airborne diseases on farm fields.


BioScout’s proprietary sensors actively sample the air to detect disease that may threaten the yield output and quality of a farmer's crops. The information gathered from the field is sent to the BioScout cloud servers where the raw data is processed and in the event of a disease outbreak, the farmer is notified. BioScout’s farmers and agronomists receive real-time data about the identity, density and location of pathogens in a crop field.


By positioning multiple devices in the field, producers are able to benefit from whole field mapping and receive unprecedented visibility and information about the state of disease in their field, unlike if they employed more traditional, manual methods.

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Meet the Founders

Josh Wilson 


Josh is an experienced computer scientist and mathematician. He has extensive industrial software engineering experience as well as management and professional software development and applies this to BioScout’s software systems.

Saron Berhane 


Saron is an experienced microbiologist and engineer with commercial operations experience. She has previously worked in research labs, strategy and finance roles and applies this knowledge to BioScout’s disease modelling, business development as well as marketing and sales.

Lewis Collins  


Lewis is Australia’s agripreneur of the year and comes from a background in mechatronics and crop disease management. His expertise lies in electronics, IoT and fungal disease sensors. He is able to apply this knowledge to the management and design of BioScout’s systems.

Henry Brindle

VP Engineering

Henry is a mechanical engineer with a specialization in industrial manufacturing, rapid prototyping and functional design. He applies this knowledge to the R&D, quality assurance and manufacture of BioScout’s sensors.

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