Bringing out the best in beef businesses with the power of data

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Black Box Co

Black Box Co is an innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) product for the livestock industry. It ingests data captured within production systems, cleans, refines and disseminates this data through multiple proprietary algorithms to create data driven informed insights for the livestock industry.


By capturing the data from the whole supply chain Black Box Co is able to improve production and profitability for the whole industry and accurately form prediction and forecasting models for performance and profitability.

Meet the Team

Shannon Landmark Speight

Shannon is the CEO and started Black Box Co at the end of 2019 with a strong passion for adoption, commercialisation and innovation.  She identified a big issue within the beef industry with huge amounts of valuable data being collected across the beef supply chain and with little value being extracted, Shannon set about developing a solution.

Emma Black

Emma is the Black Box Co Chief Operating officer.  Emma is an Australian beef supply chain expert, passionate about working with industry to create the Black Box Co software platform.   Emma is currently rolling out Black Box software with trial partners across key production, feedlots and abattoir partners.

Geoffrey Donaldson

Geoffrey has joined Black Box Co as CTO. Since 2002, he has been building custom software to optimise business needs over many industries. Geoffrey will be using this wealth of experience to make sure that Black Box Co can provide the best insights in the industry. (not pictured)

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