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Building a network of highly connected edge data centres to provide reliable internet and direct cloud connectivity across regional Australia

Leading Edge DC

Leading Edge DC is providing business and communities in regional towns and cities with a greater choice and access to a fast, reliable and a cost-effective network.


We’re doing this by building a network of highly connected data centres that will provide internet and direct cloud connectivity in regional Australia.

Our infrastructure and networked connectivity will enable faster application performance spanning across many industries, such as content hosting, IoT data processing, Smart Cities, deployment of 5G, digital mapping, AgriTech, autonomous machinery, telehealth and more.

Chris Thorpe

An experienced CEO / Company Director with a proven track record of leading, transforming and growing businesses through different technology and economic cycles, and regulatory environments. Chris has gained extensive knowledge with over 27 years experience both in the IT and Telecommunications industries with a proven track record gained in the US, Europe and Australia.

Meet the Founder

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Sparklabs Cultiv8 Pty Ltd

ABN: 23 245 850

Address: Orange, NSW Australia 2800

Phone: +61 2 6391 3116


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