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Cow and Piglet


Nutrivert is developing replacements for antibiotics in livestock production, the largest pharma market on earth.


At Nutrivert, we’re developing replacements for livestock antibiotics, the largest-volume pharma market on Earth. Total livestock antibiotic sales are worth $4.7 billion annually, of which an estimated $3.7 billion is used at least in part to promote livestock growth.


Consumers and regulators object to this use because multiple studies show that livestock antibiotics select for resistant strains of bacteria which then jump from animals to humans. At Nutrivert, we’ve solved the 70-year-old mystery of how antibiotics, even when given at doses too low to cure disease, still promote livestock growth.


We have over 50 years’ experience working with blockbuster animal drugs, including Ivomec, Heartgard, Frontline, and Nexgard. Now we’re developing non-antibiotic replacements for this $3.7 billion global market. 


Meet the Founders

Horace Nalle


CEO of Hubbard / ISA (multinational poultry genetics firm). Head, Regulatory Affairs, Merial. Harvard; University of Pennsylvania. Worked on Ivomec (ivermectin) (Nobel-prize winning antiparasitic, $700 million peak animal sales), Frontline (fipronil) (flea-tick antiparasitic with $1 billion peak animal sales).

Bernard Kaltenboeck


Professor Emeritus, Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine. Developed and patented fluorescent probe real-time PCR platform diagnostic technology for  Auburn University Molecular Diagnostics, which has nationwide leadership  in diagnostics of coronavirus infections of companion animals.

Peter Selover


Head of Business Development, Strategy at Merial. Purdue; Univ. of South Carolina. CEO of Exubrion Therapeutics (novel treatment for canine osteoarthritis; a single injection lasts up to 1 year). Raised a Series A of $12M in 2019 (not pictured)

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