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Sex reversal in poultry embryo for the broiler industry - increased meat production with the same resources.

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OVO Technology is developing sex reversal technology for the broiler industry. In broiler breeds, males are considered 15-20% more economically efficient than females. A broiler grower can profit $0.5 more for every male he grows.

Our solution is a natural material composition injected directly to chicken embryos, and result in the development of female broilers that function like males in terms of weight gain and feed-conversion-ratio. The materials we use are safe for human consumption in large dosages.

Ovo was founded in 2018, has a team of 4 employees, raised $500k to date, has 2 provisional patents for its material composition, reached 80%-85% males in >1000-eggs experiments, and has a pilot with Israel’s largest broiler production company.


Meet the Founders

Alon Gozlan Dr Rotem Kadir 

Chief Scientist 

Dr Kadir is an embryologist and micro-biologist. Prior to Soos, Dr. Kadir led the scientific team at Supermeat, a cell culture meat production start-up.

Alon Gozlan 

VP Business Development

Alon brings +10 years of experience in M&A, strategy & finance in startups and multinational hi-tech companies. 

Yael Alter 

CEO & Co-Founder

Yael has 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience as the CEO of global agricultural & poultry projects companies such as Agropaz and Yamko, which have provided Yael with poultry and agriculture industry knowledge and connections.

Oren Salomon

Hatching & Experiment Operations

25 years of experience in poultry operations (broiler and laying), among the leading layer growers in Israel. Graduate of the Hebrew University, Agriculture Department.

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