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Organic Eggs


Sex determination in poultry embryos for the egg-laying industry. Increasing production capacity and eliminating male culling. 

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SOOS Technology: SOOS is developing a solution to the egg-production industry’s greatest challenge – male chick extermination. Every year, 7.5 billion male layers are exterminated since they cannot lay egg nor be used for meat production.


As result, the industry disposes 50% of its production capacity, and wastes energy, land and carry heavy extermination costs. Furthermore, this practice is a source for growing public and regulatory pressure – in Germany and France, male chick extermination is expected to be prohibited by 2022.

Our solution transforms these male layers into functional females that can lay eggs. Our technology is a SaaS-based incubation protocol that controls the incubation process, and transmits sound vibration to the incubated embryos in certain times, frequencies and volumes.

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Meet the Founders

Alon Gozlan 

VP Business Development

Alon brings +10 years of experience in M&A, strategy & finance in startups and multinational hi-tech companies. 

Yael Alter 

CEO & Co-Founder

Yael has 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience as the CEO of global agricultural & poultry projects companies such as Agropaz and Yamko, which have provided Yael with poultry and agriculture industry knowledge and connections.

Oren Salomon

Hatching & Experiment Operations

25 years of experience in poultry operations (broiler and laying), among the leading layer growers in Israel. Graduate of the Hebrew University, Agriculture Department.

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