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Dr Glitter™ is making nutrition education fun with health supplements that look like edible glitter.

Dr Glitter™ is building a media platform, led by a food product that is a colour-coded tool for nutrition education. 


We are solving one of the world’s most important problems: How to live a happy and healthy life amongst the pressures of modern society. Dr Glitter™ is designed to create real and lifelong change for young people. We approach health from the granular lens of biology and encourage a philosophy of no “quick fixes” or “silver bullets”, as good health requires sustainable and holistic lifestyle change.


Founded by actress and scientist Augusta Xu-Holland, and serial entrepreneur Jade Diep, Dr Glitter™ is looking for:


  • Sales Channels (retail, e-commerce or distributors) - Marketing Partners (content creators, sales affiliates, media outlets, and celebrities)

  • Operators (experts in technology, retail, marketing, and specific geographies)


Our key markets are China, Australia, the United States, and Asia. Launching in 2022, Dr Glitter™ is an Australian company with a presence in Melbourne, Beijing and Jinan.

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Meet the Founders

Augusta Xu-Holland

Co-Founder (left)


Augusta is a popular actress, scientist and entrepreneur in China. Originally from New Zealand, Augusta holds a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Asian Studies from the University of Victoria. Since 2016 she has starred in Chinese feature films and TV dramas including The Eight Hundred (the world's highest grossing film in 2020).

Jade Diep

Co-Founder (right)

Jade is a media and health entrepreneur with interests in international trade, film distribution & blockchain technology. Passionate about health and life sciences, Jade was based in Beijing from 2015 to 2019 and currently resides in her hometown Melbourne.

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