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FutureFeed is the team behind the innovative Asparagopsis seaweed feed ingredient for livestock that is proven to reduce methane by over 80%

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FutureFeed Pty Ltd has been established by CSIRO with investment support from Woolworths Group, GrainCorp, Harvest Road and AGP Sustainable Real Assets/ SparkLabs Cultiv8. The company holds the global IP rights to technology developed by CSIRO, Meat and Livestock Australia and James Cook University.


FutureFeed is commercialising an innovative livestock feed ingredient that utilises a specific type of seaweed, Asparagopsis, which significantly reduces methane emissions and simultaneously has strong indicators of productivity improvements.  It could improve farm profitability and will tackle climate change without adverse impact on livestock productivity.


FutureFeed may also provide farmers access to other income streams through carbon markets and provide access to premium niche markets through a low carbon footprint and environmentally friendly product where markets and regulation allow.


Our new natural livestock feed ingredient is good for the animals, good for climate change and great for business.

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Meet the Scientist

Rob Kinley


Rob is an Agricultural Chemistry Analytical Technologist specialising in food and animal feed and an Analytical Chemist holding a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Chemistry and BSc in Soil Science from Dalhousie University in Canada. He was awarded his Masters of Science degree from Dalhousie University with a focus on Environmental Science in Agriculture and Water Quality. Dalhousie University also awarded his Doctor of Philosophy with a focus on Animal Nutrition and alternative feed additives to enhance productivity and environmental sustainability.

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