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HFS specialises in nutraceuticals for the human microbiome and digestive normalisation. HFS is the world leader in the R&D of health products from virgin sugarcane prebiotics.

Meet the Team

Health Food Symmetry

HFS is an Australian company that specialises in high level science supported nutraceuticals for the human microbiome and support of optimal digestive health.


HFS is the world leader in the R&D, scientific publications, and clinical trials of food medicine products from virgin sugarcane prebiotics with its flagship product “KfibreTM”.


Kfibre ( is the ultimate prebiotic for gut health management with benefits to human microbiome support, digestive normalisation & bloat, dietary regularity, dietary indigestion support, weight maintenance, & is Low FODMAP friendly accredited.


Kfibre research has a 10-year history of development to refine the processing technologies that maintains the integrity of the whole-plant-cell and generates a versatile and proven health product that seamlessly formulates into a wide variety of health & wellness products for manufacturers and distributors.

Gordon Edwards, Founder & CEO  (main photo, left)

Gordon brings 24 years of experience in building and operating food related businesses. Gordon has led HFS to the current stage where the manufacturing technology has been developed, the IP protected, a plant constructed, and the management team in place and working well.​

Janine Edwards, Founder & Kfibre brand manager (main photo, right)

Janine has over 15 years of experience in food industry businesses and is a key driver of success of the Kfibre brand and its introduction to new markets.

David McBain, Director & CFO (top left)

David is an experienced finance professional with over 40 years’ experience in Managing Partner roles with business advisory, consulting, taxation, and audit functions.

Richard Revelins, Director (top right)

Richard has over 30 years’ experience in investment banking with extensive expertise in corporate finance and listed public companies.

Paul Scells, Sales manager (middle left)

Paul has 27 years’ experience in the FMCG Industry, driving change programs for profitable growth across market channels, increasing market share and customer bases.

Kent Taylor, Scientific & Technical Manager (middle right)

Kent has a built a career in Biotechnology start-ups including 10 + years’ experience working in “food as medicine” nutraceutical research and assisting commercialisation of new ingredients & products.


Dr Tanvi Shinde, Senior Scientist (bottom left)

A Biomedical “Functional Foods” researcher with a strong vision for its application in Gut Health and beyond. Tanvi has considerable understanding of food science, and the way food bioactive components influence health.

Kylie Hatfield, QA Manager (bottom right)

Kylie brings 15 years of experience in quality control in the food industry and co-developed the current quality system at Health Food Symmetry.

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