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MeliBio is harnessing the power of science to produce real honey without bees.


San Francisco Bay Area based MeliBio, Inc., is re-introducing the 9,000 year old art of honey production, only this time without bees. Releasing us from our dependence on managed bees for honey production, MeliBio supports a more balanced ecosystem, where native bees thrive.


By harnessing microbiology and plant-based food science, MeliBio creates clean sustainable honey, with matching nutrient composition and richness as conventional honey. MeliBio honey is better for humans, and better for bees. 

Meet the Founders

Aaron Schaller (left)

Aaron is an avid chef, gardener, and scientist who recently obtained his PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology from UC Berkeley. Aaron is passionate about feeding people, and making highly delicious and nutritious food more available around the world. He is also passionate about nature, and promoting ecological balance by preserving and understanding keystone species such as bees. Combining these passions with rigorous scientific training, Aaron is uniquely poised to make an impact on the landscape of the future of food on our planet. As CSO of MeliBio, Aaron is developing and using novel, as well as time-tested, methods to create honey, without the bee. These methods will be unique to MeliBio, their details protectable under patent(s), and scalable as MeliBio grows to meet worldwide demand.

Darko Mandich (right)

Darko is the CEO and co-founder of MeliBio, a food biotechnology startup on a mission to produce honey without bees. After a decade of professional experience in the honey industry in Europe, Darko experienced first-hand the various issues with bees and honey production. Passionate to find a new solution, Darko moved to California, where he met his co-founder Aaron. They are on a mission to create the world's first 100% ethical, sustainable, and delicious honey.

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