Our Program

SparkLabs Cultiv8 identifies the worlds leading starts up working on innovative food and agricultural technology.  Our mission is to cultivate growth stage Ag and Food Tech companies with researchers, farmers, investors and global corporate partners, to help digitise agriculture and contribute to a more sustainable future. The program runs from March to September each year. 

For successful applicants to the program, the portfolio of business development support elements offered to start-ups accepted into the SparkLabs Cultiv8 program include: 

  • Up to $100k in funding:

     SparkLabs Cultiv8 invests up to AUD $100,000 in all startups in exchange for an agreed equity position.

  • Access to capital markets and investors:
    We work with a diverse group of investors with strong sector knowledge who are interested in forming long-term, strategic partnerships. The initial Cultiv8 cohort has already raised more than $38 million in seed capital through our network.

  • Introductions to potential customers:
    Each Cultiv8 program participant is offered opportunities to spend quality time with working farmers to gain an understanding of the challenges they faced and how new technologies can assist. This provides valuable, real-world feedback on developing ideas. 


  • Strategic mentoring:
    Our mentoring team, drawn from a network of 50 industry-specific, experienced professionals, provides Cultiv8 participants with tailored, 1-on1 support. Through our relationship with SparkLabs, they can also tap into a wider group of 150 mentors around the globe.


  • Access to dedicated research facilities:
    Cultiv8 has negotiated access to a network of 25 research stations across 13,000 hectares of Australian farmland on which technology trials and testing can be undertaken. This is designed to help migrate ideas out of development phase and into commercialisation. 


  • Business support:
    Growing businesses need practical support. Cultiv8 program participants receive $15,000 worth of free legal advice from Minter Ellison and subscriptions to a range of enterprise software tools to assist in building their business capability. 


The SparkLabs Cultiv8 program is a unique opportunity for start-up agtech businesses to enter the next phase of their commercial growth. By connecting with our professional network and establishing long-term relationships with industry experts and peers, participants can focus on becoming a future force in agricultural technology and services.

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