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Tiffany Holland
Head of Partnerships

Tiffany is Head of Partnerships at Cultiv8 Funds Management. She is responsible for establishing new strategic partnerships and creating growth with our existing partners. Tiffany interconnects a range of organisations to integrate the expertise of diversified stakeholders, identify opportunities across the industry and create the necessary bonds that lead to deal flow and commercialisation.

Tiffany leverages her background in education to develop corporate learning solutions and execute growth plans with partners. She is a natural collaborator and problem solver, and is always looking for new and innovative ways to create value and drive growth for Cultiv8 and its partners.

Tiffany's passion for the agricultural sector runs deep, having grown up on a fine wool production farm in Central West NSW. Her early experiences instilled in her a deep appreciation for the challenges and opportunities that exist in agriculture, and a commitment to driving technology adoption in the sector.

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