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Arugga A.I. Farming


Arugga AI Farming is developing an autonomous ground robot to monitor and treat individual plants in greenhouses, supporting pollination, pruning, pest and disease detection and yield prediction. Their initial focus on pollination in greenhouse tomatoes could replace labour-intensive efforts as well as bumble bees, solving their environmental and pesticide sensitivities and preventing spread of viruses.

Autonomous Pivot

Autonomous Pivot is a platform that optimises irrigation, fertigation and crop protection in fields irrigated by pivot. It aims to significantly increase agriculture profitability by accumulating all field data and using a proprietary AI engine to produce optimised irrigation and fertigation plans to control the irrigation pivot or inform the farmer via an app.


BioScout is a patented platform that uses data collected from sensors to proactively alert users of the location and species of disease infestations. This automated airborne disease tracking aims to provide biological safety and security for the health of humans, plants and animals: anywhere, anytime.

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Black Box Co

Black Box Co enables beef producers and industry to make insightful data-powered decisions with software to upload raw animal production data and a database that tracks animals throughout their lifetime. The information from breeding to backgrounding and beyond can be used for benchmarking, drug research and development and genomic predictions, forging a collaborative approach to big data in the animal production industry. 


Himikara is an automated marketplace aiming to improve the lives of small farmers through three flagship products focusing on investment (HimiFund), automation and efficiency (HimiVille) and connectivity (HimiChain). An AI platform and multiple data points from institutional buyers predict demand and help deliver fresh produce from farms to hotels, restaurants, catering houses and other institutional buyers. 

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Leading Edge DC

Leading Edge DC is creating a large network of rapidly-deployed, pre-fabricated, high-speed Tier 3 data centres providing co-location facilities to regional Australia. They have remote monitoring capabilities as well as local expertise in every location.



Nutrivert is developing replacements for antibiotics (the world’s largest drug segment, but facing pushback from consumers and regulators) in livestock production: their patented discovery delivers viable non-antibacterial growth promoters for livestock producers worldwide. 


Soos technology is developing sex reversal technology for the egg-production industry. Their incubation system controls the environmental conditions during hatching stage, impacting the reproductive system in chicken embryos, so that genetic males can lay eggs (thereby reducing terminations of male chicks).

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Ovo Technology

Ovo technology is developing sex reversal technology to benefit poultry meat production. This is via natural materials that affect the sex development process in broiler embryos, creating the more efficient males rather than females.