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SparkLabs Cultiv8 is a leading agri-food tech accelerator, and we’re growing every year.
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From ideation to commercialisation
We help companies of all sizes and stages that are developing innovations that contribute to the global agri-food technology sector.

Welcome to our agri-food tech accelerator

Our accelerator is focused on supporting tools that help to increase on farm productivity, reduce emissions from agriculture and adapt our food systems to a changing climate.

Flexible investment of up to AUD$100,000

We offer founder friendly investment terms tailored to your company's stage and potential. With investments up to $100,000, we provide a financial foundation without demanding immediate returns or high equity stakes.

Learn from the best

We have an unparalleled local, national and global network. From farmers to industry bodies, international experts to unicorn founders, we have access to the best minds and markets to help your company grow.

Elevate your fundraising opportunities

Encompassing VCs, angel investors, corporates, government funding sources and more, our program matches you with the right funding opportunities. We have a strong focus on communication and engagement, elevating your skills in pitching and selling your vision, to increase your chances of successful fundraising.

Strategic partnerships and real-world piloting

Engage in valuable collaboration opportunities with leading agricultural corporates and RDCs. This offers direct access to practical piloting experiences and strategic partnerships, fostering innovation and real-world application of your innovation.

Selection & eligibility

The accelerator selection process is competitive and evaluates each company’s potential impact; the team’s capabilities, and experience; and the feasibility and scalability of the business model.
The applicants must meet
the following criteria:
The applicants must meet
the following criteria:

Address challenges in agriculture and food production.​​

At a minimum, have a proof-of-concept working prototype.​​

Be available for the onsite workshops in Orange, NSW.​

Committed to participating in all accelerator activities and events.

Contribute to a sustainable global food system.

Areas of interest

Our program opens the door to purpose-driven founders by delivering practical solutions that enhance sustainable production, distribution, and consumption across agriculture and food systems. While we focus on these key areas, our commitment extends to exploring all innovative agri-food tech solutions that advance our goals.

Climate and Emissions

Data and Connectivity

Natural Capital and Biodiversity

Energy Transition and Adoption

Automation and Robotics

Animal & Crop Productivity


Health & Wellness

What should I expect from SparkLabs Cultiv8?

SparkLabs Cultiv8 exists to increase our founders’ speed and success rate in solving important problems. Here’s how we do that:


Embark on your acceleration journey with Week ZERO, an immersive multi-day workshop in Orange, NSW that blends rigorous training with global networking, laying a robust foundation for your acceleration journey.

Scale fast with our support

Our program is engineered to turbocharge your growth, leveraging both our intensive curriculum and an expansive network. Delivered virtually, during the first half of our program you'll be delivered a bespoke program tailored to your company’s unique needs and accelerate your journey.

Mentorship & Showcase event

We come together again at our Midpoint event in Sydney, where our cohort exchanges insights and engages in in-person mentorship sessions specific to your business. The journey culminates in Orange, focusing on pitch preparation and rehearsal for your debut at the Showcase event in front of potential investors, corporates and partners.

A long-term commitment

Our commitment extends beyond the program's duration. With SparkLabs Cultiv8, you gain a lifelong partnership. Continued access to our ecosystem ensures your venture thrives in the long term. We're not just building startups; we're fostering enduring success in the global agri-food tech landscape.

Founder testimonials

Don't just take it from us. Hear from phenomenal people who’ve participated in our program.

"It’s been a real benefit for us to have mentoring from the SparkLabs Cultiv8 team, and also to meet with other companies that are also at the startup stage and to learn from their experiences."

John Mottram


"There have been so many different opportunities for us to work with other people to really improve our cost effectiveness, and also to improve our product."

Simone O'Sullivan


"SparkLabs has a very strong network, they have introduced me to the right people to improve my business. I don’t think you will find another program that can do that."

Cong Vu


"You get access to an unbeatable ecosystem for Australia as well as a wider ecosystem internationally. The SparkLabs brand is globally respected, from Silicon Valley into Asia."

Santiago Navarro


“The program delivered invaluable insights, partnerships, opportunities, and customers. It also helped us connect and develop relationships with strategic and financial investors.”

Dan Winson


Program participants

A selection of agri-food tech startups who’ve gone before.


Do you want to know more about what to expect when joining one of our programs and how we operate? Find the answers to all your questions below.
Is my company too advanced for the accelerator?

We have had companies that have done series A enter our program who are post-Series A. As long as we can all see value creation from our partnership, get involved and let’s work together to create success.

I am based interstate/overseas, can I still apply?

Certainly! The program is delivered via ahybrid model. For successful applicants we work with you to determine the bestarrangements to add value for your company. However, all participants arerequired to be in Orange, NSW for Week ZERO and Demo Week.

My start-up isn’t making money yet, is it eligible for the program?

Absolutely! Our program will help pre-revenue start-ups develop and refine their product/service to fast-track commercialisation and sales.

When do applications close?

We are always open to interesting ideas, so we welcome applications at any time. Each year’s cohort is finalised in February/March every year.

When will I hear back about the outcome of my application?

After submitting your application, our board of advisors will review your submission and get in touch to update you on the progress.

Will I need to provide a pitch deck or present a live demo of my product?

Depending on the product or service you are offering, we may request further information to assist in our decision-making process.

How long is the accelerator program and what are the requirements?

Our Clean Technology Accelerator program runs for 6 months. Participants must be available on-site for one week at the commencement and conclusion of the program. We will work with you on a case-by-case basis to determine what other arrangements are required to ensure your company gains the maximum value from the program.

Who will own the intellectual property created by our company during the Program?

You retain ownership of all intellectual property developed prior to and during the program. Our program is dedicated to supporting the enhancement of your intellectual property strategy, and any changes to intellectual property ownership will be documented in separate agreements between the parties involved.

What networking opportunities do I get during the program?

We offer world-class networking opportunities with our global network of investors, entrepreneurs, corporate partners, agricultural and food technologists, and expert mentors. These opportunities are available for one-on-one meetings or in group settings.

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