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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I apply for the SparkLabs Cultiv8 Accelerator Program?

A: Our Accelerator Program provides AgTech and Food Tech companies with competitive access to researchers, labs, farmers, office space, funding, global expert mentors, corporate partners, potential customers and a community of leading entrepreneurs.


Q: What types of companies is SparkLabs looking for?

A: We are always looking for innovative AgTech and Food Tech companies from across the world to provide them with access to our unparalleled ecosystem of tools, people and resources. We are particularly interested in innovative companies operating in the following domains: IoT, Big Data and Decision Making, Logistics and Waste Management, Automation, Biotechnology and Sustainability.


We are always looking for technology companies that have product and or service solutions that increase productivity efficiently and sustainably in the Agriculture and Food industries.


Q: How do I apply for the SparkLabs Cultiv8 Accelerator Program?

A: CLICK HERE to apply now for our world class accelerator program.


Q: What things will increase the chances of being accepted into the SparkLabs Cultiv8 Accelerator Program?

A: The most successful applications for our global accelerator program have strong management personnel, product competitiveness and viability, commercial readiness, regulatory compliance, scalability potential and demonstrated ability to benefit from SparkLabs.


Q: What do I get from the SparkLabs Cultiv8 Accelerator Program?

A: Successful applicants to the SparkLabs Cultiv8 Accelerator Program gain exclusive access to:

  • More than 50 expert mentors across the globe

  • The NSW Department of Primary industries research labs and more than 650 Scientists and Engineers

  • Legal counsel from Minter Ellison, one of the largest and oldest legals firms in the Asia Pacific Region, valued up to $15,000

  • 25 research stations on 13,000+ hectares of agricultural trial sites across 4 critical climatic regions (temperature, subtropical, coastal and alpine)

  • Top-tier Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors and Entrepreneurial Executives

  • Access to invaluable insights from our partners

  • Demo Day exposure to more than 400 investors, entrepreneurs and potential customers

  • Global AgTech Ecosystem (GATE) spaces and resources to support business operations and management

  • The opportunity to showcase your innovative solution at our Demo Day to more than 450 attendees, 65% which are investors

  • Exposure to post-program funding opportunities through our partners and investor network


Q: Do you support Female Founders?

A: Yes, we're proud to have designed a program that accommodates for female founders so we encourage you to apply if you are a female founder building an invention or innovation in the Agriculture or Food Technology sector. Two of our Female Founders to date have had their babies during the program and we're proud to have done everything we can to support them as mothers and business women.

Q: Do I have to live in Orange, NSW, to participate in the global accelerator program?

A: Successful Australian based program applicants benefit by being in Orange during the program however it is not required given we have potential office space in most capital cities in Australia. For successful international program applicants, we work with you on a case by case basis to determine what arrangement will provide the most amount of value to your company.

Q: Is the SparkLabs Cultiv8 Accelerator Program for companies globally?

A: To date, 50% of our investments have been in Australian based companies and the other 50% has been in overseas companies - we support Agriculture and Food Technology businesses globally. We are leading the provision of access to Australian resources for overseas companies!


Q: What networking opportunities do I get during the program?

A: Our world class SparkLabs Cultiv8 Accelerator Program provides you with networking opportunities within our global network of investors, entrepreneurs, corporate partners, agricultural and food technologists, and expert mentors. These networking opportunities are available in one-on-one scenarios and in group settings.


Q: What does SparkLabs Cultiv8 do with the information I share in my application and during the program?

A: We strictly comply with data privacy regulations to ensure information you share with us is managed with the highest integrity. It is important to note that we consider information provided without confidentiality specifications to be information that is able to be shared with the public so it is important that you highlight anything that is confidential in nature. We do not share any information outside of our network.


Q: Who will own the intellectual property created by our company during the SparkLabs Cultiv8 Accelerator Program?

A: You maintain all intellectual property ownership rights for all property created before and during the program. It is our commitment for the SparkLabs Cultiv8 Accelerator Program to support the strengthening of your intellectual property strategy. Any variation to intellectual property ownership will be captured in separate and specific agreements between the relevant parties.

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