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Yellow Flowers

2021 Program Participants 

Online Demo Day 

Harnessing the power of science to produce real honey without bees.

MeliBio honey.jpeg

Aaron Schaller, Darko Mandich

Asparagopsis seaweed for livestock proven to reduce methane by over 80%

Dr Rob Kinley 2.jpg

Repair the planet with every dollar you spend.

Greener Founders.png

Specialising in nutraceuticals for the human microbiome and digestive normalisation

Making nutrition education fun with health supplements that look like edible glitter. 

Helping to reduce chemical residues in farming by using nanoparticles.

Rca & Sharon.webp

Climate resilience, the SaliCrop way.


Nutritious plant-based products that look, cook and taste like premium meat


Creating a low-cost biodegradable oxygen barrier for food packaging applications. 

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