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Agriforte (via Cluster Biotechnology)

Agriforte has a sustainable approach to this issue with a biological pesticide based on newly discovered strains of Lacto Bacteria Collis to disrupt lavae and the adult populations of pests threatening horticultural crops.  



FutureFeed is fighting climate change and producing more food with fewer resources.  FutureFeed exists to support the growth of the use of Asparagopsis as a natural ingredient for livestock to significantly reduce carbon emissions. It is the global IP holder for the technology and combine what’s good for the environment with what’s good for business.


HFS - Health Food Symmetry

Health Food Symmetry Ltd is a provider of high-level science supported nutraceuticals with its world first sugar reduced, whole plant “Virgin Sugarcane Fibre”. Kfibre is a University researched and proven dietary health aid selling into the fastest growing global health & wellness markets of gut health and microbiome support.


Silica Nanosoils

The Silica Nanosoils solution delivers agrochemicals directly to the plants, minimising the residues to the environment by using nanoparticles. The technology enables to concentrate agrochemicals inside the nanostructure to enhance pesticide efficacy. When the silica nanoparticle comes into contact with plant roots or leaves, it releases the pesticide content. 


Their vision is to help farmers reduce 50% pesticide residues.

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Shandi Global

Shandi Global has developed plant proteins which not just taste and appear like meat but exhibit similiar functional properties.  The unique process of synergizing amino acids derived from plant in the same proportion like meat, matches meat in taste, texture and functional attributes. The product digests quickly in the human body, making most proteins readily available and it has real meet flavours, which are designed to develops during the cooking process, like real meat.


Dr Glitter Health

Dr Glitter™ is an Australian healthcare brand founded by China-based actress Augusta Xu-Holland and Melbourne-based entrepreneur Jade Diep. Their mission is to inspire young people to cook more whole foods, learn about nutrition, be proud of what they’re eating, and share Dr Glitter’s vision to their friends and family. The core product uses a prebiotic soluble fibre to create a new category of health supplements that look like edible glitter. Designed to be sprinkled on top of healthy foods and drinks,  



Net-zero targets are seeing entire economies and trillions of dollars shift towards carbon neutral solutions in a short period of time, and consumers want to lead this change.  However they don’t know how, find it too hard or don’t know who to trust.


Greener is an app that helps consumers find trusted green brands for everything they buy, understand the impact of their purchases in simple terms and suggests greener alternatives for next time, and removes all the emissions of purchases made with their greener partners for free.



MeliBio is harnessing the power of science to produce real honey without bees.


San Francisco Bay Area based MeliBio, Inc., is re-introducing the 9,000 year old art of honey production, only this time without bees. Releasing us from our dependence on managed bees for honey production, MeliBio supports a more balanced ecosystem, where native bees thrive. By harnessing microbiology and plant-based food science, MeliBio creates clean sustainable honey, with matching nutrient composition and richness as conventional honey. MeliBio honey is better for humans, and better for bees. 


SaliCrop utilises a unique wet chemistry process that stimulates an Epi-Genetic reaction to salinity conditions at seed stages. Non GM, anti A Biotic Stress (ABS) seeds treatments to grow well in high salinity soils or when irrigated with brackish water.

More than 35 lab tests and more than 10 field trials across Europe and Asia with multiple crops, grains and vegetables. Treated seeds tolerant to salinity shown significant upside in crop yields.  


With oxygen barrier properties better than most plastics and a low-cost of production, StenCoat is the answer to any number of problems, including: 13 billion coffee pods, 150 billion straws, and 500 billion cups thrown away every year. Using a novel approach and solid polymer science, STENco is utilizing inexpensive, nature-based materials to address some of today's most pressing environmental issues. Our packaging system is designed to be cost competitive and home compostable, all while still protecting the products within for extended periods of time.  

To create this revolutionary material, we start with what nature has already perfected:  proteins, cellulose, and polysaccharides.  This blend and these membranes protect life itself - comprising plants, cell walls, eggs and even the human placenta.  We all owe our very existence to these protective bubbles. STENco uses these building blocks to design packaging systems that protect the system within from environmental ingress. It is engineered to fully degrade when conditions are right and not before.