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Fruits and Vegetables


An on-demand technology-enabled precision farming platform

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Himikara is connecting customers directly with farms/farmers. We aggregate by leasing/contracting protected farms standardizing them by introducing SOPs and providing full-stack agronomy & market linkage.


We provide customers with reliability, consistency, transparency and standardization both on prices and quality for Fruits and Vegetables.

Himikara's business model is demand-led cultivation, a managed network of smart farms and full-stack agronomy. 


Meet the Founders

Saurabh Singla

CEO & Co-Founder 

Saurabh has co-founded two startups and worked in three early-stage startups in the past seven years since graduating in CS from IITG. 

Shubhanshu Singh

CTO & Co-Founder 

Shubhanshu has worked in CTO/Tech Lead roles in two startups in the last seven years since he graduated in CSE from BITS. 

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