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How SparkLabs Cultiv8 in Orange is helping battle climate change

By Riley Krause 
3 June 2023

This article was originally published on Central Western Daily.

The latest batch of companies looking to positively address climate change have hit Orange, with a five-year project notching a major milestone.

Created in 2017, the goal for SparkLabs Cultiv8 has been to address climate change through innovation.


One of the company's founders, Jonathon Quigley, was delighted to have welcomed ten more companies which will operate out of The Gate - Global AgTech Ecosystem - located at the Orange Agricultural Institute.


"These companies are focused on addressing some of the key challenges around sustainability, clean technology, and climate tech in areas like alternative sustainable fuels and emissions," he said.


The six-month program will see the companies develop the knowledge and tools they need to take their products to a larger audience on a wider scale.

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