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Spiced Skewers


Helping consumers move to sustainable plant-based diets by transforming meat-based recipes into plant-based recipes without compromising on taste, texture, nutrition at an affordable price.

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A science and technology driven plant-based-meat-substitute company producing true substitute of meat, made only from natural plant ingredients, at similar price to meat, which cook-like-meat and taste-like-meat, so that food producers can turn every meat-based-food into plant-based food, just by replacing meat with Shandi.


This will enable food industry to offer diversity of plant-based foods at price parity. More food producers will be able to bring plant-based foods to the market. Due to wider choices of foods, competitive price and cleaner label will bring more consumers to adopt plant-based diet. 


Meet the Founders

Dr Reena Sharma

Co-Founder (left)

Dr. Reena Sharma holds a Ph.D. in Life Science. Reena has over 17 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, in leading innovation and business development. She possesses excellent product development and business development experience.

Dr Gaurav Sharma

Co-Founder (right)

Dr. Gaurav Sharma holds a Ph.D. in Food Science. Guarav has over 17 years’ of industrial experience in leading science and technology function with leading food companies. He possesses a strong technology know-how in plant-based proteins and flavour development domain and expertise of leading supply chain and operations across Asia Pacific.

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