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Coriander Seeds


SaliCrop’s potential to increase agriculture yields in salty irrigation water or high soil salinity conditions has a clear and quantifiable value proposition

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SaliCrop has developed non-GM seed treatments that induce crops to grow well in high salinity soils or when irrigated with brackish water. Treatments are carried out using an innovative formulation containing materials that are classified as safe to use by USA FDA GRAS regulation.


Based on proprietary know-how, the formulation is applicable to a wide range of crops, requiring calibration for each specific crop.

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Meet the Founders

DR Rca Godbole, PhD

Co-Founder & CSO (left)

Ṛcā worked as a research molecular biologist at Syngenta India (Seeds sector), where she was  involved in supporting varietal developments and also in regulatory compliance/public interaction issues. After Syngenta, she oversaw Quality Assurance at a leading Indian pharmaceutical drug manufacturing company. Based out of Mumbai, Rca  advises corporate clients and a law firm in IP-related technology issues for the chemical, pharma and agbiotech industries.

Rca holds a PhD in Plant Biology from Albert Ludwig University (Freiburg, Germany) and an MSc, BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Mumbai. She conducted post-doctoral research at the Heidelberger Institute for Plant Sciences and the Technical University of Munich.

Sharon Devir, PhD

Co-Founder, Investor & Chairman (right)

Sharon has more than 20 years’ experience in the agro-technology and dairy industries and in high-tech start-ups. He served as CEO of NGT, the world’s first Arab-Israeli life science technology incubator, from its inception. He was CSO at SAE Afikim (Afimilk), the world leader in milk monitoring, and was a research engineer at IMAG-DLO, the Dutch research institute in Wageningen. In addition to SaliCrop, Sharon also co-founded Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies.


Sharon holds a PhD in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences from Wageningen University (Netherlands) and an MSc, BSc in Agricultural Engineering from the Technion-Israel.

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