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Greener is an app that guides people to green business for everything they buy, then turns their purchase carbon neutral to help end climate change.

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Greener is bringing a scalable solution to help the mainstream consumer bridge the intention-to-action gap when it comes to doing their bit for the planet. This “middle green” consumer makes up ~45% of the Australian population and are looking for convenient and rewarding ways to make better choices.

While we’re launching an app, more importantly, we’re launching a new economy. A Greener Economy. One that brings Greener businesses and consumers together to ensure every dollar spent is carbon neutral, to help end climate change.

Greener Founders.png

Meet the Founders

Tom Ferris 

Co-Founder (left)

Tom was leading Brambles Global IT Strategy when he learned everything we buy has an invisible price tag on the planet. Carbon – the key contributor to climate change. But if consumers are the cause, they could also be the solution. It was that lightbulb moment when Greener was born.

Neil McVeigh

Co-Founder (right)

Neil spent 15 years in financial and strategy roles, with firms like PwC, Allier Capital, and Uber. Neil has a personal passion for sustainability that has seen him start 2 other small start-ups, and is committed to using his experience and networks to solve this generational problem.

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